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Casita Mattress Medium Softness


This mattress is designed for those who have reservations about memory foam. We use the correct template right from Casita to ensure a perfect fit, but that’s just the beginning. First of all, it needs to be comfortable yet not too thick to lose headroom or to add unnecessary weight. This mattress meets these criteria by having layers of graduating firmness- a high density base core, and then a softer top layer of 2” medium foam all at 8” thick. A Casita mattress also needs to be able to breathe, so that you’re not sleeping hot and so that the mattress does not attract mold. Our Casita mattress wicks away moisture with its breathable stretch knit fabric. Finally you can sleep on a real mattress in your Casita! No seams and with the comfort you’d expect from a mattress at home!


Mattress Features: Made with an actual Casita template for a perfect fit; Air flow to prevent mold;

Support: Supportive base foam


Free shipping via Fed Ex. Can ship anywhere in the continental US.

WE SHIP TO CANADA – (shipping charges will apply)

Casita Mattress Medium Softness

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