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This Casita Mattress Shell (Non Quilted) allows you to turn your existing dinette cushions into a comfortable mattress. It is specifically made for Casita brand campers. Here is how it works: You place your existing dinette cushions into the shell, then add a comfort layer over top, and then zip it up-presto! You have a real mattress made from top-of-the-line mattress components! The depth of this shell is 6" so that when you add the 2" latex onto your 4" cushions, you have a snug fit.  We sell the shell and foam comfort inserts separately, because we know you might have your own foam topper you would want to use. In that case, you would just buy the shell only.


Free shipping via Fed Ex Can ship anywhere in the continental US.

WE SHIP TO CANADA – (shipping charges will apply)

6” Casita Shell (Non Quilted) with 2” Latex

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