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Our covers are designed to fit Sleep Number brand mattresses. We use high quality foams and padding that are CurtiPure compliant and made in the USA. The fabric is a heavy weight knit that has aloe vera in the yarn. Why do we treat the fabric with aloe vera? Aside from the soothing, moisturizing, and healing properties of aloe, it is perfect for the Sleep Number bed, because aloe vera is alkaline, producing an environment that is not friendly to mold and mites (both of which thrive on a ph of 7). It also reduces static electricity. These are both important features for a mattress with air chambers.  




Cozy and Custom carries mattresses and dinette cushion covers for almost any camper brand or application. We are continually expanding our product line, so if you do not see your size or color, don’t hesitate to email us. Our family has been outfitting camper interiors since the early 1980s. We are here to help you breathe new life into your camper or RV!

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A cover is only comfortable when it fits well.  Finally you no longer have to settle for the typical “one size fits all” versions of covers that leave you with wrinkly sleeping surfaces and baggy edges making your fitted sheet bulge out of place. Our accessories are made in the U.S.A. We are committed to quality and to surpass your expectations whether you are interested in one item for your home or in need of dozens of items for a government agency. Hospitals and schools only buy the best because their standards are high and so should yours!


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About Us

Who We Are

We are a brother-sister team selling hard-to-find upholstered items. Christina enjoys coming up with solutions for people who just can’t find the right replacement cover or cushion either online or in any store. In other words, she likes to keep me; her older brother, Marco;

busy sewing, cutting ordering and shipping. Our parents owned and operated a mattress factory in Pottstown for many years, so our background is in manufacturing.

Our goal with Cozy and Custom is to produce small batches of less common sizes in covers, therefore providing you with an alternative to your local upholsterer,

if you are lucky enough to find one who hasn’t retired by now.

Our History

Our parents, Elizabeth and Tony Santos, founded a mattress factory in the 1970s that operated for 40 years. They had a following with their mattresses because their small scale allowed them to build and sew each mattress for a customer’s particular needs in mind. Although manufacturing residential mattresses in the U.S. has become an obsolete industry in the wake of Amazon’s rolled mattress movement, we are able to implement the important aspects of Tony and Elizabeth’s vision in our own current product lineup: we tailor our items to solve problems that large corporations are either unaware of or unable to solve.

Cozy and Custom is constantly expanding its line up, especially in the area of RV interiors. We also work closely with some Amish artisans, allowing their expertise to reach an online arena. We approach all of our offerings from the standpoint of:

“If I were making this for myself, how would I do it?”










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